A nasty bug in virtualenvwrapper


I recently had a good need for using virtualenv due working on multiple Django projects.  With that, I decided to use virtualenvwrapper as well. I absolutely love these too programs since they make managing different environments extremely easy. Virtualenv provides a great sandbox area where I can install all the python packages a want without messing up any other environment. Virtualenvwrapper provides some commands to easily work with multiple virtualenvs.

While first testing virtualenvwrapper, I created several virtualenvs, switched to different ones, and then tried deleting one. Then I found the nastiest of bug. If no arguments are given to rmvirtualenv, it deletes $WORKON_HOME and all environments.

I am bad a running a command without the arguments and I really don’t want to lose everything. I am just glad I found this before actually putting real stuff in any enviroments.

I updated virtualenvwrapper to print an error message instead of deleting everything and emailed it to Doug Hellmann, the creator of virtualenvwrapper. He said he will put out a new version this weekend.

Other than this issue, I love virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper.

One Response to “A nasty bug in virtualenvwrapper”

  1. Doug Hellmann Says:

    I’ve posted a new version of virtualenvwrapper with this fix.