PyMNtos number 3

Last Thursday* was the 3rd PyMNtos meeting.

Kevin Marshall gave a good talk on using Windmill to test through the browser. Windmill makes testing through the browser extremely easy by recording what you do in the browser to Python files. Then you can automate running those tests to ensure all Ajax/Javascript/etc works correctly on different platforms and browsers. If you are not testing through the browser, one way or another, you should.

After that, Matt Westerburg gave a talk on meta classes. Who knew Python was so powerful! For those that don’t know, meta classes allow you specific how a class is created. Not to be confused with __init__ which is how class instances are created. It is all very meta, which is rather suiting.

There are plans for 3 topics at the next meeting.

  • Matt Westerburg will give a more indepth talk on meta classes
  • I (John Shimek) will talk about virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper
  • Nick Bauman will be talking about Pyjamas

There was more talked about, but it is hard to remember everything since I am bad about posting these things on time. It was a great time, and I hope the next meeting will be as well.

*If I would have finished this post on time, last Thursday would have been correct, but I didn’t so it isn’t. In fact, it was May 18, 2009, which is Thursday of last week.

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3 Responses to “PyMNtos number 3”

  1. Tony Says:

    Is MinnePy still meeting? I’ve been dipping my toes into Django and am looking for an active support group :)

  2. varikin Says:

    @Tony MinnePy merged with PyMNtos and a vote was taken to use the name PyMNtos. It meets the second Thursday of every month. There is more info at (which currently redirects to the Google Group). So join the mailing list, very low traffic, and come to a meeting if you can.

  3. Tony Says:

    Thanks! I found the other group shortly after posting this.