Python 3, Mutagen, and PyMNtos

Tonight, PyMNtos is porting Mutagen to Python 3.

For those not aware, Python 3 is the latest and greatest version of Python. It fixes several issues that built up over time in Python. The problem is that it is backwards incompatible. The Python community is slowly moving to Python 3 as libraries are ported, but it is a slow process, as expected. With this goal in mind, the Python Software Foundation is encouraging groups to have little mini sprints like this. They want this so bad that they are sponsoring us. Ok, really, the PSF is just very kind and offered their support to ensure this goes smoothly.

So, if you have any wish to see Python 3 become the language it was meant to be, come join us and help port Mutagen. There will be fun people, pizza, and beer. The event is being hosted by the Nerdery at 7PM tonight.

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