Django 1.0 is out in the wild!

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I have been closely following Django as it nears the 1.0 release.  I have been using Django for about 6 months now.  It is the first framework that I have actually grokked.  Before Django, I never understood the idea of frameworks.  I don’t know if Django is the best, but since I really like Python, it suits me.

Also, my favorite changeset is #8862 because I wrote the patch used and I was thanked in the commit message.  It makes me happy:)

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I like Google Chrome

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That is it:)


Sound options on the Freerunner

Posted in Uncategorized on August 3rd, 2008 by varikin

In order to use my Freerunner tomorrow at work without bothering the other inhabitants of the cube farm, I needed to do two things.

  1. Disable the click when the screen or a button is pressed
  2. Vibrate instead of ring for incoming call/sms

First, I seached hi and low but could not find out how to control the vibrating.  At first, I thought I needed enable/configure the vibrating, but I realized it already vibrates for an incoming call.  So my solution to both needs is to modify the sound events.  This is handled through PulseAudio.  This is actually very easy.  I commented out the following lines from /etc/pulse/session

    #load-sample touchscreen /usr/share/openmoko/sounds/touchscreen_click.wav
    #load-sample ringtone /usr/share/openmoko/sounds/ringtone_classy.wav

Then I restarted Pulse with “/etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart”  PulseAudio complained about running as root, but it worked.  Restarting the phone will do the same, but why bother.

Now, it no longer clicks or rings!


Debugging Django

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I have been wondering good ways to debug Django and stumbled across this, Debugging Django.  It is great!

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Because I never remember how to patch

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svn diff > patch.diff

patch -p0 -i ~/patch.diff
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The Freerunner

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I recieved my Freerunner yesterday after going crazy tracking the package via UPS.  So far it is a good phone.  It is very minimal with just a dialer (phone calls), SMS app, contacts, terminal, and some minimal settings.  But hooking it up to a computer and sshing into it works great.  I got my MacBook to provide internet to the phone through USB, but I can’t get windows to do the same.  But that is ok.  I also got WiFi working, but it won’t connect to the internet through it.

I am happy, but it is definately a developer release and not meant for mass consumption yet.  I will provide more details as I play more.

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Posted in Uncategorized on July 29th, 2008 by varikin

I have recently been working on a new website for my wife,  It is currently a Joomla site, which I originally liked, but then I wanted to upgrade.  Which meant rewriting some customizations.  It was a long tedious thing.  Then I started learning Django, and decided to completely write a new site for her in Django.  So far it is going great, but it is taking time.

The thing I like about Django is complicated piece I think I need to do turns out to be a simple bit if Django.  The ORM is great, the templates have almost everything I need, and the automatic admin site is a blessing!  Why bother writing and designing my own admin section when it can be given to me for free.  I need to override some bits of it, but the bulks done.  That way I can concentrate on the main part of the site.

I have fallen for Django.

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Subversion, git, and ignoring files

Posted in Uncategorized on May 3rd, 2008 by varikin

So I have been an SVN user for about 3 years and loved it. I had used CVS before that for a couple years. I never had an issue with it, but all the hype was SVN, so I tried it and liked it. But, there was one thing that always bothered me. How to ignore files. I don’t want to see all my .o files and everything under my build directory when I run svn status. Well to do that you need to specifiy the svn:ignore property on each directory using the propset command and the propget command. It seemed tedious, and painful. I longed for the ignore file from CVS.

Today, I was looking at Git and lo and behold, it has a .gitignore file that I can add files, folders and typeglobs too. It is recursive too! No more setting some property that I have to lookup every time I add a new directory. Today I am switching to git!

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Mocking the world

Posted in Java on February 12th, 2008 by varikin

At work today, I spent hours fighting with Eclipse, Ant, and JUnit on a new build our software a work. Just to find out that someone changed the version of JMockIt in this build which broke 28 tests! It would really be great if QA would run our unit tests prior to declaring a build is ready.

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Hello World

Posted in Uncategorized on February 3rd, 2008 by varikin

As a code monkey, my program in any new language is always Hello World. So here is the obligatory Hello World!

I can’t say I will post often, but I will try.

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